Single Ply Roofing – Including EPDM / TPO / PVC

single ply roofing workBBG Contracting Group is experienced in the installation and maintenance of single ply roofing. Single Ply roofing is the fastest growing segment for flat roofing solutions.

TPO is the most popular single ply roof currently on the market. TPO is naturally reflective and meets most of the reflectivity requirements for Cool Roofs. Single ply roofing is not asphalt (oil) based, so their pricing is not as volatile as asphalt-based roof materials. Installation costs are generally lower for these roofs and can provide great value.

PROS: Lower installed cost, highly reflective for energy savings
CONS: Somewhat easy to damage, which may result in leaks
LIFE: Moderate to long life expectancy
COST: Low to Moderate
VERDICT: Low cost, energy saving and up to 20-year warranty make this type of roof attractive

BBG Contracting Group Provides Single Ply Roofing from Manufacturers like: Johns Manville, Firestone Building Products, Sarnafil, and Fibertite

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