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Commercial Roof Maintenance and Restoration in North Florida and South Georgia.

BBG Contracting Group delivers decades of roof repair, roofing maintenance and restoration services designed to extend the life and efficiency of any commercial or industrial roof.  Our proven services are priced to honor your budget and include everything from improving the structural integrity of your roof system, to a replacement of sheet metal flashing, elimination of leaks, ponding water, and cracking.

Benefits of choosing BBG roof maintenance and restoration:

  • Extends roof life and enhances durability
  • Averts the need for complete roof replacement
  • Protects interiors from leaks and potential mold issues
  • Reduces HVAC costs and equipment wear and tear
  • Increases comfort for building occupants
  • Offers potential tax advantages
  • Safeguards your roofing investment

Roof Restoration

BBG Contracting Group’s Restoration Team is trained to quickly identify and correct roofing problems, and to delay the need for total roof replacement.  To restore a roof to a functional condition BBG roof restoration encompasses all need repairs, possible design modifications, repair of all leaks, and flashing and gutter replacement.

Roof Maintenance

The best method of extending the life of your roof is to properly maintain it. BBG Contracting Group’s Maintenance Team will conduct a complete inspection for the existing roofing system to determine the current condition and detect existing weaknesses, possible failures, and any potential problem. We will then institute a custom maintenance program designed to maintain the overall condition, and extend the life of your roof. Whether it’s a new or existing roof, our affordable maintenance programs will help to ensure the early detection of roofing problems and help to protect your overall investment.

Emergency Roof and Leak Repair

BBG Contracting Group provides prompt roof and leak repair for commercial, industrial and institutional emergencies, from a minor leak to major roof damage following severe weather.

Roof Modifications

BBG Contracting Group makes affordable roofing repairs to all types of penetrations, whether vent pipe boots or mechanical equipment curbs. We provide expert assistance in all areas of modifications on any and all types of roofs. BBG is certified with most leading roofing manufacturers to perform authorized repairs, this ensures that the roof warranty stays valid upon completion of the repairs.

BBG Contracting Group is State Certified, Licensed, Insured, and Bondable

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