Concrete Roofing Decks Are Lightweight And Insulated

BBG Contracting Group and its subsidiary, North Florida Roof Decks are experienced in the installation and maintenance of any lightweight concrete roofing deck.

Lightweight Concrete Roof Decks have many Advantages

  • Substantially improved thermal insulation values for both new construction and reroofing projects
  • Positive slope-to-drain will eliminate drainage problems and standing water
  • Typically eliminates future roof insulation tear-offs and the potential for additional damage during reroofing
  • Acts as an ideal base for modified bitumen roofing
  • These roof decks may be ballasted, fully adhered, or mechanically attached systems
  • Strong, permanent, nailable roofing base
  • Improved fire resistance
  • Economical, saving both time and money

North Florida Roof Decks Provides Lightweight Roof Decks from Manufacturers like: Siplast and Celcore Lightweight concrete.

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