Shingle Roofing

BBG Contracting Group is experienced in the installation and maintenance of shingle roofing.  Modern Fiberglass Shingles are by far the most common steep slope roofing material as they are available in a wide variety of colors and shapes.  In years past, three tab shingles were the most common, but laminated (architectural) shingles have taken over as the industry standard.

There are also many other “Designer” shingles available to match most decors. Fiberglass shingles have low installation cost, are easy to repair and provide great weather and wind protection.

PROS: Wide range of colors & styles, high performance and weather resistant
CONS: Fungus may discolor light roofs over time
LIFE: Long life
COST: Moderate to High
VERDICT: It’s hard to beat fiberglass shingles for sloped roofs

BBG Contracting Group Provides Shingle Roofing from Manufacturers like: GAF, CertainTeed, OWENS CORNING and TAMKO Building Products.

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